Massage and Endorphin Production

Published: 15th July 2010
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A Largo massage therapist shares that in addition to soothing tired and tight muscles, massage also has the ability to induce the release of endorphins in our body. Whether you are getting a relaxing Swedish massage, or whether you are receiving a nice deep tissue massage, the body's reaction is to always release an amount of endorphin to make us feel less anxious and happy.

According to one Belleair massage therapist, our body has mechanisms that reduce pain sensation by blocking, or inhibiting, the transmission of the pain message to the brain. To alter the pain sensation, the brain and spinal cord release specialized neurotransmitters called endorphins and encephalin. These chemicals interfere with pain impulse transmission by occupying the nerve cell receptors required to send the impulse across the synapse. By making the pain impulse travel less efficiently, endorphins and encephalins can significantly lessen the perception of pain.

During massage, large amounts of endorphins are released into the bloodstream. This explains the slightly groggy effect, lightheaded, sense of well-being. Well-known Victorian physician Dr. Dowse once stated in 1887: "The mind, which before massage is in a perturbed, restless, vacillating, and even despondent state, becomes calm, quiet, peaceful, and subdued after massage. In fact, the wearied and worried mind has been converted into a mind restful, placid, and refreshed." Many massage spas in Largo (33771), Belleair, and Indian Rocks continue to stand by such philosophies about massage therapy.

Certain massage techniques like acupuncture has the initial objective of stimulating our small sensory nerves in the muscles. How it works is still a mystery to many, but the science behind it can also explain how massage induces the release of endorphins. Studies in both China and the United States have shown that placing acupuncture needles in certain parts of the brain of dogs causes a rise in the level of endorphins in the spinal fluid. There are specific parts on our skin and muscles, when stimulated, can send a message to the brain so that it releases chemicals called neurotransmitters and neurohormones that either change the experience of pain directly or release other chemicals that alter the body's mechanisms of internal regulation.

Recent studies suggest that endorphins enhance the immune system, relieve pain, reduce stress, and retard the aging process. Scientists also have found that beta-endorphins can activate human NK (Natural Killer) cells and boost the immune system against diseases and kill cancer cells. The physiological result of the endorphin release mechanism is one of deep relaxation-respiration slows down, heart rate decreased, eyes dilate, blood is shunted from the extremities to the body's core-which improves digestion and venous flow to the internal organs. Lymphatic speeds up and this increased the excretion of waste and toxins from the body.

Such scientific studies should be enough proof of how massage therapy enhances one's physical and mental well-being. This is why many doctors and massage therapists suggest getting regular massages as a form of alternative health treatment for people experiencing chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. One Largo therapist suggests getting a soothing deep tissue massage at least once every two weeks so that toxin build-up may be unblocked. For more active individuals, massage experts suggest getting a sports massage before or after a work out or a competition. This helps you feel more relaxed and less prone to sports-related injuries of the muscles.

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