Proper Document Shredding and the Risks You Can Avoid

Published: 14th July 2010
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There are 4 main reasons why you should shred old add confidential documents. First is to protect you from identity theft. Over 9 million Americans fall to crimes of identity theft and fraud each year, ranging from credit card fraud, bank fraud, to impersonation of the dead. Second is to obey shredding laws in relation to privacy. Certain transactions require confidentiality agreements between two parties or more. Third reason is to protect patients' and clients' privacy; and lastly, to protect your company or organization from trade information theft.

Shredding minimizes risks and losses. By subscribing to secure shredding, you or your company can have better protection against the fastest grown crime in the US-identity theft and fraud.

There are several root causes of fraud and identity theft; one of which is a phenomenon known as dumpster diving. Dumpster diving is when you look through other people's trash of discarded items, and take what you can use for your personal use. Of course, not everything that comes out of this is bad; but in some cases, things do end up with someone getting hurt. Furthermore, dumpster diving is legal so you can't assume you'll be protected by the law. Old financial records like receipts and ledgers, payroll records, and medical files are some examples of sources of vital information about a person. Leaving this for strangers is a no-no.

Before fraud can is committed, there has to be three key factors present. (1)There is something worth stealing. (2) The perpetrator is has the will to steal; and (3) an opportunity for the crime to take place. Successful prevention of the crime lies with a certain degree of control over the perpetrator and the object of interest, thus the idea of document shredding.

Shredding companies offer an array of secure shredding services that will help you minimize and prevent the abovementioned crimes. There is mobile shredding where the shredders come to you. This is quite convenient for bulk document shredding. Other standard services include medical files destruction and x-ray film destruction. Anything you need to discard, they'll shred it for you.

Secure shredding is done under the compliance with HIPAA. In 1996, Congress enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This means any business that is responsible for keeping any medical records or transferring medical information must be familiar with this law. The medical industry has made medical files destruction part of their S.O.P.

Shredding is also a cost-effective way of using your employee's time and energy. Instead of having someone stand by the shredder for hours, why not have the pros shred it for you? Meanwhile, your employee can do the more important tasks for the day.

Lastly, hiring an HIPAA compliant shredding company contributes to the conservation of the environment. For every ton of paper shredded and recycled, we save7000 gallons of water; between 17 and 31 trees; and 4000 KWh of electricity. You also help prevent the release of 60 pounds of air borne pollutants.

Don't be a victim of identity theft or fraud. Learn to securely shred confidential documents. Shredding maximizes your chances for profit and growth; and minimizes personal or company risks. Try Record Shred, Inc. They serve areas of South Florida including: Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, Hollywood, Hallandale Beach, Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point, Boca Raton, Miami, Miramar, Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Tamarac, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Davie, Cooper City, Weston, Sunrise, Palmetto Bay, Kendall, Homestead, and Plantation.

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