Save the Environment with Eco-Friendly Custom Embroidered or Printed Wholesale T Shirts

Published: 04th June 2010
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Mother Nature has been lashing out at the world through climate change that has spawned numerous natural disasters. It is time to take drastic measures to save the environment. We need to start being more responsible in everything we do, especially with our day to day habits. One of the major parts of our lives that we need to make ecologically friendly is clothing. We can contribute a lot toward saving our earth by using only eco-friendly custom embroidered and printed wholesale t shirts, golf tee shirts, polo shirts and promotional items as casual wear, uniforms or giveaways in Tampa FL. Custom embroidery or printing can just as easily be done on environmentally safe t-shirts and promotional items, and they are easy to find and purchase at reasonable prices in Tampa FL.

Ecologically friendly wholesale t shirts, golf tee shirts, polo shirts and promotional items in Tampa FL are available in several kinds of material including organic cotton, modal, bamboo and bamboo charcoal technology, and recycled polyester blend. Custom embroidery or printing of the t shirts and promotional items can be arranged with your Tampa FL supplier.

Organic cotton fabric is certified so by a governing agency after the garment manufacturer has submitted proof that the cotton was grown organically in land that has not been treated with chemical pesticides and fertilizers for at least three years. Only crop rotation should have been used for soil renewal and only manure should have been used as fertilizer.

Organic cotton fabric has all the desirable qualities that consumers have grown to love in ordinary cotton. It is highly absorbent, hypoallergenic, machine washable, machine dryable and biodegradable.

Modal fabric is manufactured out of native beech wood. It is an environmentally friendly material because native beech wood is a highly renewable resource, being very easy to propagate without needing dangerous chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Modal fabric is highly absorbent, resistant to the development of odors and has the ability to regulate heat, keeping the wearer's body temperature stable and comfortable. Modal is also resistant to shrinkage and pilling, and is color fast.

Bamboo fabric is eco-friendly because bamboo is also a highly renewable resource that grows at a fast rate of up to one foot a day without need for dangerous chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Bamboo charcoal technology is used to manufacture the fabric out of the organic material.

Bamboo fabric is resistant to UV rays, antimicrobial, resistant to the development of odors and breathable. It keeps the wearer's body dry by wicking away moisture. It also regulates heat, keeping the wearer's body cool.

Recycled polyester blend fabric is not organic since polyester is not organic. It is regarded as an eco-friendly fabric, though, because recycling materials that already exist conserves resources and minimizes pollution.

Recycled polyester blend fabric is breathable, water resistant and wind resistant. It is, therefore, popular for use in umbrellas and windbreakers.

Any group, such as an organization, institution or commercial business, both large and small scale, has a social responsibility to the community and should participate in the effort to save the earth. After all, we are all in this common environment together and our survival depends on each other. One way you can, and should, do this is to use only ecologically friendly custom embroidered and printed wholesale t shirts, golf tee shirts, polo shirts and promotional items for your casual wardrobe, uniforms and promotions in Tampa FL. Because people practically live in t-shirts in this area, such a move would definitely make an impact. If you want to add more value to your contribution, perhaps you can even add pro-environment messages to your custom embroidery or printing.

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