Separate Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception? No Problem

Published: 10th May 2010
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The wedding reception is probably the second most important part of the wedding, after the ceremony. The reception is where the family and guests let loose and celebrate the union of the bride and groom. But in order to truly feel the jubilation of the event, we all have to take into consideration the venue for the party.

Choosing a wedding venue for the ceremony is one thing, but making a choice for the reception is another. The ceremony site should be on amore intimate setting while the party venue should cater to a lot more than just the "I dos."

Outdoor wedding sites are popular options for both the ceremony and the reception, but weather conditions are always a concern. Will it rain? Will it be too windy? Will it be too hot? There are more factors that need to be controlled and sometimes, that's too much stress for the entire event planning process. In order to avoid having "rain on your wedding day," so to speak, most wedding planners would then recommend choosing a closed and more controlled wedding place. For instance, choosing a banquet hall with air-conditioning and/or heating is a smart choice. Banquet halls or reception halls provide a more secure and manageable venue for a party rather than an outdoor site.

Bayanihan Arts and Events Center offers luxurious yet affordable reception halls for special events such as a wedding reception. Their banquet facilities cater to small and large number of guests and have other wedding services in tow for that one-stop-shop convenience for the bride and groom.

Their wedding services include catering, wedding band, and set-up of the banquet room. Their events hall can be set up into any type of ambiance the bride and the groom wishes. Their in-house catering service can offer an array of dishes ranging from an all-American mean to foreign fusion dishes.

Whether you are on a tight budget or are willing to splurge for a fantasy wedding, this wedding venue can provide you with all possible options. Here are a few tips or guidelines when canvassing for a reception venue:

Inquire about the venue capacity. It may sound obvious but many reception halls can't magic up extra space from nowhere if you add 20 extra guests at the last minute. You should have a good idea of numbers before you start looking at wedding and reception sites.

What are the available entertainment facilities? Bands and other entertainment can take up a large amount of space. So does the dance floor. Decide when and where you want the entertainment to take place, and check with the venue that this can be done in the space available. Also, it is always good to ask about policies of an events hall. Ask what's allowed or prohibited so you won't deal with any problems on the wedding day itself.

How far is the reception site from the ceremony site (in case these two have separate venues)? Never choose a place that's too far away or is unreachable by commute. Spare your guests the trouble. The closer the reception hall, the better for everyone.

Will there be enough parking space for the guests? Most planners take this detail for granted during the event planning process so it's always good to be informed about this consideration.

Bayanihan Arts and Events Center's banquet facilities and convention centers are ready for any special event, be it a wedding, a family reunion, or a formal corporate seminar. Avail of their halls and conference centers and experience professional and first-class service.

Their venue is most convenient for the areas of Tampa, Oldsmar, Clearwter, Largo, St Petersburg, Odessa, and New Port Richey, FL.

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